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Adam's Loving Hand



March 18th, 2013


Adam's Loving Hand
I don't post here much cuz I dont have a lot of interaction with Lj folks, but I've been active mostly reading fics. The two big ones are Captive Prince by freece and Loaded March by loaded_march. I always get stuck on epics of epic writing quality, and then have to wait for them to finish. Gah. But I am patient!! And I never bug the writers! I just whine in my own posts, is all. Uuuuuuhhhhhhgggghhhhh. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiting. :)

Freece recently published the first two books of the three-book Captive Prince saga (under the pseudonym S.U. Pacat), and I bought them both twice: in paperback and on Kindle. SO GOOD. I'm not sure when book three will come out, as she has not started writing it yet. My heart! I stay tuned to her page for updates to her status. I think I read somewhere that she is busy and won't start writing it for a while, due to real life. *shakes a fist at real life*

Loaded March is being beta'd at the moment, and we may have chapter 12 by Easter weekend. Chapter 13 will be a whiiiiile away, as the author has other big projects (an original work among them) to work on, and a bit of work stress. Sigh. I wish RL would give these authors a break. Heap lots o lovin on them, life! They give us so much through these stories.

Need more fic to read! I am spoiled by the super good ones.

March 25th, 2012

So uh, hey guys

Adam's Loving Hand

...MAY 15TH.

......that is all. :)

December 28th, 2011


Adam's Loving Hand
I love working nights. I feel like the night is mine, while everyone else is asleep. :)

Everyone in the world should be able to feel like this. It's freeing, somehow.

November 26th, 2011

Ramble post is rambly

Adam's Loving Hand
Shows of interest, lately:

New Girl
American Horror Story (I don't want to watch it, but it's so suspenseful!!! I hate horror!! I will probably keep watching and it's all Ryan Murphy's creative stupid brain's fault. :P )
How I Met Your Mother (I just want to know who the mother is, already.)
XFactor (USA, just the results show. I like Astro.)

And of course I'm keeping up with everything Adam Lambert. It's especially lovely when he is on my TV, but even more, I would love for that album to be on my iPod. Let's go, Adam! Don't wanna wait anymore! Looks like the album is being released Feb 2012*. Bah.

By the way, Adam's new album is called Trespassing, first single will be Better Than I Know Myself. I will buy many albums and gift them.

I'm still a member over at ontd_ai, but I haven't ~gone there in a loooong while. Back when I first became a fan of Adam, that place was my saving grace. I would have been major cray without a place filled with like-minded people who also loved Adam that much. Also, you got to see other people be cray, and it gave you some perspective like "Okay, I don't want to stan him THAT hardcore and look legitimatly crazy with it like the fans at that other to-remain-nameless site, so lemme cool this down a bit." It's changed, tho.


Meh, moving on. It's hard to find good fic these days. Maybe my standards have changed, I dunno.

Freece is doing good work, and updates come every 3 months or so. I'm grateful she is consistent.

Delicious has been my source for finding new stories, but it's been weird ever since the takeover by *insertbuyernamehere*.

Anyway, off to find more fic. On a J2 kick atm.

*ETA: Adam's album will be released March 20, 2012.
*ETA2: The album release was pushed back to May 15th, 2012. :)

March 4th, 2011

Um, YAY!

Adam's Loving Hand
First, if you don't mind getting addicted to a Massive yet Incredibly Addicting and Awesome, engaging, intricate, beautifully written, exciting, intriguing, ADDICTIVE, you have a month to wait before the next chapter comes out Work-In-Progress....


Second, I got a new laptop, yay!!! You don't know how good this feels. It's been MONTHS. *dances a happy jig*

February 25th, 2011

Update / OMG I'm still here

Adam's Loving Hand
Broken Computer! :(
So, being without a computer is the worst thing ever. WORST thing ever, okay? I never realized how much of my entertainment was computer-dependent until my computer died. :(

Games, Fanfiction, Site-surfing, Hulu, iTunes, Games, Games, OMG I miss my games!!

Mass Effect 1 & 2, Jade Empire, Civilization 4 & 5, Dragon Age, Sims, WoW, my old King's Quest games! All lost to me!

Thank goodness for my iTouch. It is saving me from utter boredom. And I can read fic on it. :D

Free Time!
So fic, Glee, and How I Met Your Mother fill my off time. Oh! And You-Tube!

For the first time I have subscribed to ppl on You-Tube. The Mean Kitty ( Both the video "Mean Kitty Song" and the channel) and What the Buck are my favorites.

Of course, I am still reading The Fic Made of Awesome. It's up to chapter 25 now and I think Things Will Happen next chapter.

Anywho, typing on an iTouch is not as fun as you might think and I'm off to bed.

Work tomorrow. This five day a week thing is crap, by the way. The new base isn't so bad and neither is military life. Though, I still miss my friends. Ah, well. Night.

November 28th, 2010

But Wait! I'm here!

Adam's Loving Hand
Are you here? (reference: Bob Saget interview on www.teamcoco.com)

I'm loving Conan's new show on TBS. I recently discovered Russell Brand through an interview on teamcoco.com (Yeah, late right? I haven't seen any movies he is in--or so I thought! In Despicable Me he's the voice of the old guy, Dr. Nefario.) This guy is hilarious. I never really paid much attention to him because I thought he was kind of weird (I always saw him with Katy Perry, who he has now married), but I find I like him quite a bit.

~Anywho, I hardly ever post, do I? Well, I'm around, lurking, reading stories as is my wont to do in my free time.

Best story I'm reading right now:
*WIP WARNING* Captive Prince by Freece. *WIP WARNING*



You will hate me forever for telling you about it before it is finished. YOU WILL.

But I WARNED YOU. She updates about every 3 months, now. If she updates sooner than that, just take it as the beautiful gift it is. It's a beautiful story. Her writing is such genius. I am so engaged with the intrigue, and the two main characters are so different yet so similar and I frekkin heart them both. Also, I have a ~weakness for Secret Identity!Fic.

Oh yah, it's M/M SLASH. I feel that linking you to it would be cruel (I swear, you'll hate meee.) But if you really really really want to read it, Freece is on livejournal. Or just google it. OMG it's so good, but waiting for updates is torture. But I can't stop! I won't. She's just so good, and I'm in it for the long haul. *sigh*

Another story I enjoyed is Intrigue at the Crowned Jewel by IceraMyst. I like stories with twists that keep you guessing, can you tell? :) It didn't grab hold of me from the beginning like Captive Prince did, but it is good, long, slashy (m/m), intriguing, and it is complete. Enjoy!

P.S. From the Future: At the time I'm writing this, I give in and link you to Freece. :) March 4th. You've been warned! :) Down to one month wait in between chapters, we're on chapter 25B at the moment I'm writing this, and 40 chapters projected. This will take years of your life to wait for. I usually hate drawn-out things like this but I gave in and read it--cuz really, can a story be THAT good? AND IT WAS THAT GOOD.

Just sayin'. :)

January 28th, 2010

Adam Lambert is Good Times.

Adam's Loving Hand
So, I'm at my new base and life is good. Don't have a lot of time to post here; I'm either working, studying, or de-stressing before studying again :P.

In other news, Adam Lambert is Good Times. Happy Birthday, Adam!!! His album, For Your Entertainment, is awesome. To update from my last post, Broken Open does have very pretty Adam vocals :).

Other than that, not much to say. Adam and Kris are Love, and I need sleep. These are basic truths. Goodnight.

November 5th, 2009

Haven't posted in a while. Pssh.

ONTD_AI is going crazy. Implosion may be imminent. I am not happy. Yes, we have our share of cray cray members, but in the past (or when I first joined) it all balanced itself out, and the snark enabled the sanity, it didn't hinder it. Sigh.

I joined the Air Force about 2 years ago, now. Been in training ever since, but I recently found out that that training will not pan out. Sad times. New job on the way. Saaaad Tiiiimes. But. All things happen for a reason. It's better this way; I believe it. I'm gonna miss the ppl here, though.

I dunno where they'll send me next. I really want to pre-order Adam and Kris's albums, but what address do I give to Amazon/iTunes/etc. ? Le sigh.

This post is very maudlin. I apologize. (too late to apologize?) I'm gonna go listen to some Kris Allen awesomeness, now. Make You Feel My Love always soothes me / makes me feel better.



September 24th, 2009


Adam's Loving Hand
Letting people be themselves and make mistakes is important. But if they're too douchey/prideful to admit to the mistake, you feel like "why am I even bothering to forgive them, then?" Just admit your motive, and move forward. Find a better way. A way that doesn't anger Kris fans :P :)
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